Settings > Alerts


This feature can be used when you have your own alert notification needs and want to create your own custom alert schedule to meet them.

1) Go to Settings > Alert and click “Create new alert schedule.” The alert schedule calendar displays.


2) Create an alert schedule by using the following click and drag options:


· Click on an individual time cell to create an hour-long time period
· Click and drag over many time cells to create a longer time period.
· Once created, you can easily edit a time period by clicking on a time schedule and dragging the border to increase or decrease the scheduled length of time. You can also double-click on a scheduled time period and click the “Edit” button.
· To delete a time period you created, click on it and press the Delete key.  Or, right-click on a time period and select “Delete.”


Hint: The gray zones of the calendar are the set time schedules when you will receive alerts.


3) Click the Save button to apply the new schedule.



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