Settings > Alerts

Whenever your camera(s) detect motion, they record and notify you of the event based on your settings.

Scheduled Alerts allow you to configure the times during the day and night when you want to be alerted via email or on your mobile phone.

To help you get started, Alert Commander comes with pre-set schedules. If these are not right for you, you can edit any pre-set schedule or create your own.


Alert Schedules screen

Use this screen to apply and/or create new alert schedules for each of your cameras, enter the recipients you want   to receive alerts, and define the frequency you receive notifications.

Select from one of the pre-set alert schedules or create a schedule that fits your needs. (E-mail alerts only.)


Recipients Section

Add, edit, or remove the e-mail addresses for the recipients you want receiving the alerts from your camera(s).


Frequency Section

Set the frequency of alerts in a period of time; and set the length of continual motion (in seconds) required before sending an alert.


Desktop Notifications

Use this screen to turn on or off the pop up alerts on the desktop of your PC whenever a camera detects motion. Select a unique sound for each camera that plays when a notification displays.


Alerts settings overview