Settings > Alerts > E-mail


1. Click on the Settings icon.

2. Click on the Alerts tab. The E-mail settings screen displays.

3. Under the section called “Send e-mail alerts to the following recipients”, click the “Add More >” link. The Add Recipient dialog displays.


Alert Commander email recipient setup page Adding e mail alert recipients


4. Type in the name of the person you want to receive an e-mail alert in the “Recipient name” field.

5. Type the new recipient’s e-mail address.

6. In the “Type of message” drop-down section, select from the available options: text, snapshot, or mobile phone optimized.




The e-mail alert will only contain a text message that includes: name of camera and the date/time stamp.


The e-mail alert will contain a text message and a snapshot of the motion-detected event. The text includes the camera’s name and the datetime stamp. The snapshot image is a jpeg file that can be viewed with most any popular image viewer.

Mobile Phone optimized

The e-mail alert for the mobile phone will contain a text message small enough to be sent to your mobile phone. (This option requires you to enter the mobile phone number and mobile phone provider details in the E-mail address field: <phone number>@carrier_details.whatever.)



7. Test that the e-mail account is valid by clicking the “Send test message” option.

8. Click OK to accept the settings and return to the Alerts > E-mail screen.


Note: You can enter up to 5 email and cell phone addresses.

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